Affordable Restaurants in Venice

If you love exploring different cuisines and have a strong liking towards wine, then Venice will never disappoint you. Italy as we all know is well known for its amazing cuisines and Venice is no exception. There are millions of dishes that are traditional and authentic that everybody must try for example, polenta (it is a simple dish where cornmeal is served as a creamy puree) and those lip smacking seafood. Veneto is one of the country’s leading wine making area that specialises in Italian classics like Prosecco and Pinot Grigio. Here are some restaurants that offer cheap eats venice,

Bacaro Osteria Barababao

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This place is favorite among the locals. You would not love the decor that much since it’s a little on the unconventional side, but apart from that this pocket friendly restaurant offers authentic and traditional Italian food. It is just a couple of minutes away from the Rialto Bridge. All those people who manage to locate this place are rewarded with complimentary glasses of Prosecco along with some fresh food. If you want to try the actual cheap eats venice Venetian cuisine, then this restaurant is the best choice.

Antico Forno

This place is located close to the all famous Rialto Market. Antico Forno is a pizzeria that offers the best quality (take away) pizza made with fresh spices and ingredients. They serve deep dish slices that will satisfy you both by the flavour as well as the size. It is the best pizza in Venice.

 Al Bacco Felice

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Al Bacco Felice is a lively restaurant that is famous for its beautiful authentic and traditional cuisine. They serve seafood, different types of pastas and fifty different types of pizzas. This place is famous among the travellers. You would love this place for the variety of options they have in pizzas. It gets extremely busy in the evenings. If you want a table for yourself, then head there early.

But it’s always not about the cuisine. Venice is a beautiful city that is rich with its history where tourists wander through many passageways or take gondola rides around the maze of the canals. To sum it all up, it is a city with famous canals and stunning architecture. It is very obvious that with popularity those ‘inevitable’ prices also pop up. But not to worry as apart from that you can explore the wonderful food cheap eats venice without shelling tons of money from your pocket as long as you can figure the ‘know-how’.